Kam Fung Yum Cha Montreal

I have asked a few people about Yum Cha in Quebec and alot of people I asked really didn’t know what it was. I can certainly say I miss that back in Sydney in World Square. Yummmm. When I was near Chinatown I saw this building with a big sign “Le Maison Kam Fung” so when i went in to check it out, I was excited.

I spoke with the owner of the place and he told me there were three Yum Cha places in the whole of Montreal. The good thing about it is it’s quick, fresh, and a good price. You get to try a few different types of dishes which I love.

I have been spoilt with two of my favourite Yum cha places in Sydney so I didn’t feel that I loved the dumplings in this place at all. They weren’t ‘Wow’, however the noodle dish was really tasty and great as well as the fried round dumpling with pork and vegetable. That is about it. I would be interested in checking out the other two places. I took a whole heap of photos at the place so you can see what it was like. I found that the actual dumpling ingredients were soggy and not cooked enough. There was not enough flavour inside the actual dumplings. Anyway, the rest was good.
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