Ski Bromont Water Park, Montreal

Living in this side of Canada gives you limited access to water fun activities. It is a colder climate here so summer is never really too long. I think I nearly fainted when I realized there was a cool water park I could go to for a whole day submersed in water all around me. Oh, the pleasure of such delights.

The Park is called Ski Bromont, Water Park (Parc Aquatique) It is at 150 Champlain St, Bromont and it is about $35 per person for the day, or you can pay around $50 for a season pass. Lucky for me, my friend Sophie made the suggestion and all three of us packed an esky and headed to the Water Park. We hit a little traffic on the way. This is a typical scenario here as the person who had a terrible vision of creating the roads here in this part of Quebec, really failed to have the vision of what would happen if more than one million people were to be using the roads.

Back to the water park. I love having the opportunity to be taken back to childhood memories of enjoying fun parks with my friends. It was no different. We found a great spot to leave our things. Within a few minutes we were heading up to the big tube rides down the water slides. It was so much fun to laugh altogether. One particular ride has all three of us on the donut tube and as it went along the sides, I felt like i was literally sitting above the other two. It was very funny.

There was another slide where I had the similar donut tube but this time we were on our own. Every time I would hit a flat spot, I had to look behind in case some strong teenage boy on his tube didn’t wipe you out.

The next slides were the individual slides with no mat or donut, just me and the slide. I let the others go first so that I knew when I hit the bottom water pit and my bikini bottoms were up to my hips and my bikini top fell off due to the pressure, at least the people watching were not strangers hahaha. I love it how as you do get to the bottom, it is a quick few seconds to try and put everything back in place, try to contain your laughter as well as manage the shock of the slide. I love it. I love adrenalin like that.

We had a great lunch, relaxing and sitting in the pool water. They had a ride which was the man made wave pool which I remember so well from the Queensland, Australia Water Park ‘Wet n Wild’. I didn’t go in it as it was packed and I am sure would have felt like a urine pool. What I thought was impressive about the Water Park was that they painted the cement ground White so that when you walk bare foot around the park, the soles of your feet don’t burn. Very smart idea and very appropriate design.

I know some of the parks in other countries have closed down as they are had to maintain funding to run it. This park was similar however they also use the park area for skiing in winter and you can also do mountain bike riding in summer down the same slopes. They take your bikes up on the chair lifts and you ride down. I saw a lot of young people on the track while we were enjoying the slides. A great concept to keep the park open all year round and funded.

Here are some photos below to share with you of the actual venue itself. I couldn’t take photos of the slides close up because I didn’t have my camera with me.
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