Skyping Family and Friends

This blog is about one of the joys about being away and yet feeling like I am still in touch with my family and friends. Thanks to Skype, I am able to travel and still feel connected. i really don’t know if I could have lasted this long without it. Viber is another app that I use often but it’s really only great for iphone users. It is still fantastic so if you are reading this, and you have an iphone, download Viber (Purple and it’s free calls and texts).

Back to skype. Its funny seeing how you can see each other on the screen. That is of course if you have a good connection and everyone can see each other. I do personal and business calls from it and it’s great. When you sign up and get on, the rest is easy. It is a lot cheaper for me to have a debit account with them so that when I am needing to call my parents or friends, or even businesses for any follow up, i can just call using Skype. It is connected to my phone and computers and it is simply just great.

Recently I took some photos of some skyping sessions because I loved what I saw, although I didn’t look great. In fact, I just woke up for one, ahhaha. My expressions are hilarious.

My godson likes to Skype and recently when we were skyping, he started putting all these things on his head from this app that is connected to his skype. I was laughing. The things they come up with. I haven’t really explored that stuff as I’m not interested in it, however I can see why kids would find it great. I took some photos of it to share below.

Below is my friend, who i won’t name because he might kill me if he knows i blogged about him bahaha.



This is my godson below, with all these things he used on the computer. I love the ones below of him in Times Square.

IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1766 IMG_1768 IMG_1769