Camping at Lac Simon Quebec

I love going camping. When I got to Canada, I remember thinking how I didn’t have any of my things from Australia to use here. My camping gear was a big part of that. I had everything back home such as an eight man tent, a camp kitchen, tables, chairs, bbq, and everything else you need.

It gave me a good opportunity to look around here and check out some camping gear. I noticed a few differences with their gear and the biggest difference was the quality of sleeping bags. They demonstrate how to determine the warmth of the – minus temperatures. I never worried about that back in Sydney. It didn’t get cold enough.

I got myself a decent sized tent for the two of us, along with a tarp, rope, a chair, torch, two sleeping bags and a cooking gas portable BBQ. That is what I call the bare minimum.

We headed to a new place I hadn’t been called Lac Simon. We decided to pick up some firewood on the way and lucky we did because it had been raining and all the firewood at the campsite was wet. When we arrived we had to register in the office first as our camping spot had been pre booked by a friend of ours. I noticed that the place was one of the biggest camping sites I had ever scene. There were different zones set up for camping vans and tents, and another zone for permanent cabins which you can hire. It was great. You could drive to your spot and park your car. There was a beach (with no waves of course) right next to the camp site but far away enough not to hear it. There was a small room set up with movies playing every night as an option for kids entertainment. Great idea when it rains. There was also a swing set and play area for kids away from the tents. It was certainly a family set up.

I took some photos of us setting up so you can see. It was nice to go there with friends and even better if you book a site next to each other. People book their spots from the year before so that gives you an idea about how busy this place can get if you want a good spot.

The bathrooms were clean in the off peak times. The showers operate on a coin system. You put the coin in and it turns on for 2 minutes so that you have enough time to clean yourself up. During the peak times there was a line up for the showers. Considering how many people are there, it didn’t feel too bad.

They have a wooden table with its own bench on each land plot and a waterproof electricity outlet that you can hook up your power too in order to pump up your mattress or put any heating on. It gets so cold outside that people use a heater inside the tent to cut the humidity. We rarely would need to do that in Oz. Friends of ours had a great set up with a huge table so we could all eat dinner together. This is the time when i began to fall in love with fondue. Putting your broth on the table with all your cut up meat, vegetables and cheese, and using a fondue fork to cook your piece. It’s extremely common hear as it is a great dinner plan during the cold winter nights.

I had my first swim in the lake here at Lac Simon. I remember thinking that I could see the bottom of the water. I always thought of lakes as dirty with mirky water. The lakes I have experienced here have been mostly clean. I felt safe swimming in the water. I put my goggles on and did laps. Lucky for us here, there are no sharks or creatures in the water that will kill us.

Overall, we had a great time on the camping trip. I would recommend it as a place to go.

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