Local Coffee in Montreal

We all know that Americans love their starbucks. I thought that was the same for Canadians until I realized that Tim Hortons is their equivalent.

While we were walking in Montreal, I saw this big brick wall with some beautiful colourful flowers on it that looked so pretty. As I walked around the side of the wall, I noticed it was the side wall of the local Starbucks. I haven’t seen a lot of starbucks around the province of Quebec but there are a few in Montreal. This one stood out to me because it had that Paris, French feel with the intimate front window and the flowers outside.


A little but further along is Cafe Bistro Mon Plaisir. I loved the look of this shop with all its coca cola products inside. It had an old style vintage feel to it. These places really set the scene here. These are the parts of Canada that I find different from what you see on the streets of Sydney.