Old Montreal

I love Old Montreal. I wrote a blog recently about the Horse and Cart rides around Old Montreal and they show you a different angle of things. Walking around on foot allows you to capture everything, including down near the port. It’s a cute town with a lot of character.

Pictured above is this big plaza in the centre and cars are not allowed to drive through it. In summer, it is filled with stalls and artist works. Below is this old abandoned factory and it has a great look and texture.

This is the Lachine Canal which runs along the old port. A great spot to visit.
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The old coloured fire hydrants. Love them. They are yellow in Montreal and red in New York.



Everywhere on big buildings are these fantastic paintings. I loved this one with the train on the wall. Such an awesome way to integrate art into a city.


The brick and sandstone shopfronts give it that european feel. 


The actual port area is always nice to view.


I love walking down to this old heritage listed manufacturing plant. Parts of it are falling off and vandalized. It is cool to see and has a lot of historical character. 

This is a famous lobster roll bar where they make ‘lobster rolls’. I have never tried one but they say they are good.

How cool is this piano. It is outside one of the exhibition centres and this girl sat down and started playing. It was fantastic.

IMG_2384 IMG_2385

We started having fun with this crossing after watching the man above walking across it. 

IMG_2387 IMG_2396 IMG_2393

Horse and cart around Montreal

I love the horse and cart. Maybe I am just a traditional romantic at heart. I thought I would publish this on Valentines day, even though we did this ride last summer. I enjoy the fact that I get to be driven around a city slowly, having time to take in the sites. I also love the fact that if you have a good driver, he will tell you about the sites so you can learn about what you are looking at.

The city of Montreal, especially around Old Montreal, is really beautiful. It has many old historical buildings and it reminds of some areas in Spain and Italy with the cobblestone roads and the shopfronts with the flowers on the window sills. Really really cool to walk around this area and even nicer to take the horse and cart.

The government wants the horses to be on the roads to attract tourists so they may not charge too much or bargain down as there are price limits.

The rides are usually for half an hour and we started at the front of the Basilica Church in Old Montreal.

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Hotel Place D’armes Montreal

This is a really cool hotel in Old Montreal called Hotel Place D’Armes. It is right near the Basilica church and a great location to get around the city.

As you walk into the grand hotel situated on a corner, you go through to a ground level lobby with a restaurant and bar. You walk past this to the elevators to get to the terrace.

On the top of the hotel is a great terrace where you can have cocktails and some light food, watch the sunset and enjoy the music as well as the view.

It has a nice energy and the staff were friendly (except for the door girl). Lately I find that door girls are a lot less friendlier than male ones, but then again, that is a very big generalization and only a recent observation.

I ordered a Basilic Rose cocktail with Grand Marnier, Basil, Bacardi, and cranberry juice. A very nice mix.

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Boat Party in Montreal

Who doesn’t love a good boat party. When I get invited to boat parties, I always turn up. Lucky for me, every time I have been on a boat party, the weather has been absolutely fantastic and no need to worry about motion sickness.

We were invited to a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours. The boat was in good condition, clean and it was docked at the port in old Montreal. This party was during the summer and well before the snow came along. The main point of this blog is to show you around the port of Montreal. It is very different to Sydney and I find it has a much more industrial feel along the whole waterway.

Regardless of where I am though, as the sun is setting on a balmy summer night and I close my eyes feeling the breeze on my skin, I always think about how grateful I am to be having such a wonderful experience.

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Most boats have the red and white Canadian flag on the front with the Maple Leaf on it as well as the blue and white flag which is the Quebec flag.