Horse and cart around Montreal

I love the horse and cart. Maybe I am just a traditional romantic at heart. I thought I would publish this on Valentines day, even though we did this ride last summer. I enjoy the fact that I get to be driven around a city slowly, having time to take in the sites. I also love the fact that if you have a good driver, he will tell you about the sites so you can learn about what you are looking at.

The city of Montreal, especially around Old Montreal, is really beautiful. It has many old historical buildings and it reminds of some areas in Spain and Italy with the cobblestone roads and the shopfronts with the flowers on the window sills. Really really cool to walk around this area and even nicer to take the horse and cart.

The government wants the horses to be on the roads to attract tourists so they may not charge too much or bargain down as there are price limits.

The rides are usually for half an hour and we started at the front of the Basilica Church in Old Montreal.

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