Le Lapin Saute Restaurant Quebec City

Did you know there is a restaurant dedicated to Rabbit meat in Quebec City. I wanted to check it out. I don’t tend to eat a lot of meat, I tend to eat a lot of Salmon as it is one of my favourite meats, however sometimes I crave some red meat, as long as it’s damn good.

This restaurant we came across in Old Quebec City was awesome. It’s located at 52 Rue du Petit Champlain, QC. The actual layout of it and set up was inviting enough and seeing I didn’t understand French at all, once I found out what the cafe title meant, I was interested. Summer time is great in Old Quebec City and you will read a few more blogs about my time in this cool city because it is the capital of Quebec. A bit like Sydney being the capital of NSW. Although, isn’t Parramatta coming close bahahaha.

The cafe is situated in a corner pocket along a strip of stores. Right next to it is a small little outdoor seating area to break up the stores. They have some live entertainment on in this little spot which is great because as you sit and eat your lunch, you are entertained as well.

The staff were really friendly and the tables were small, intimate and cute. There is an indoor section also but when it’s a summers day, the outside is best by far.

We chose to try the rabbit selections because this is what they are famous for. We selected a couple of dishes to share with a different combination of rabbit in them. The food was good. I enjoyed it and the cocktails were good too. Veronique loves white beer at times, so they had this there too.

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