Shopping in Quebec City Canada

I love shopping and I loved shopping in Old Quebec City. Not only do you get to check out different things, but you are constantly walking around streets that have so much history and old art galleries, as well as cafes etc. It’s awesome.

We went into a really great jewellery shop which had some pieces made out of Pewter and looked cool as well as sterling silver too. Awesome and fashionable. They had a good selection and I liked the diversity in the pieces they had. Right opposite that shop was an awesome Painting and leather good store called conception Cuir. Had these paintings of flowers and animals where it was textured making the flower come out shiny, giving it a more 3D look. It was great to check out that shop. My favourite was the giraffe and that was on sale for around $2000 just to give you an idea of the prices. The pieces come with the full certificate from the artist. No idea who the artist was because I can’t remember, oops.

There are heaps of shops to look at in the whole city. From the common clothing stores that you see around, to boutique stores and they are located sporadically around the old city. You basically have to walk around and just look at places.

The famous Chateau Fontenac Castle. Love it Love it Love it. I have developed this strange fascination to castles in the past 12 months. I think I have secretly loved fairytales and always wanted to be a princess although really, I never would have suited one. A queen possibly, but more like the queens that are played in the latest Snow White movies as opposed to the traditional UK Queens.  Ha Ha.

Shop: Conception Cuir. Loved this Giraffe picture a lot.


It stocks all natural leather good products.

IMG_1615 IMG_1616

Shop: Joaillerie Langevin in Quebec City. Loved this jewellery shop below because it had heaps of pieces I could buy and enjoy wearing. I was spoilt with a ring from here. Photo below. 

IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619

A big ring but I love it. Thank you Veronique.

The Fudgerie shop. 


This was different types of chocolate available in the fudge shop also.