Driving and Parking in NYC

I drive down to NYC when I need to go because it is easy to get there from Canada. When you drive, you get to see some of the cool buildings and tunnels around Manhattan. I must warn anyone that visits New York. If you have to drive, be careful and make sure you are confident to drive there. Many cars and taxis don’t indicate and I really can’t understand how they don’t have more accidents.

Secondly, be weary of the tolls. They cost a fortune. If you get the Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey to NYC, be prepared to pay $13.50 US to use it. That’s correct. Rip off. The Ferry across and back costs $18 if you go and come back on the same day, so it is an option, however if you drive, consider traffic and do not leave NYC via the Holland Tunnel between 4-6pm. I left at 4pm, for what should be a 20 minute journey, and I arrived 3 hours later due to traffic. Not a cool thing to sit in. There are car parks around the place to park your car but you are paying exorbitant prices. There is a carpark on Centre and Hester Street, Chinatown and it is approximately $36 for 24 hours. This is actually a really cheap deal for NYC so if you are heading to Chinatown / Little Italy and you are considering driving, then park there. Warning in advance, in any parking location in NYC, if they tell you to collect your vehicle at 1:04pm, than make sure you get there five minutes before and have them swipe your ticket to pay before that time spot clicks you even a second over, because you will get charged anywhere from $20 to $50 more.

Another thing to note is the parking metres. They are called Muni Metres (My Greek friends would love these parking metres, because Muni means Vagina) Clearly the council Mayor was not a greek person. Anyway, the reason there are strict clearing zones is because of the street sweepers. They come twice a week and you mustn’t leave your car there as it will get you a tow and hefty fine. The street cleaners do not come on US Public holidays so if you are parking in NYC, than the parking restrictions don’t apply for that day. ¬†you still need to pay the meters if it says to pay, but you won’t get kicked out or fined on those days.

Below are some of the quick shots I took recently that I just liked for business purposes. I can see the images and location spots appearing in future film projects I may take on.

IMG_0133 IMG_0124 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132