Hotel Place D’armes Montreal

This is a really cool hotel in Old Montreal called Hotel Place D’Armes. It is right near the Basilica church and a great location to get around the city.

As you walk into the grand hotel situated on a corner, you go through to a ground level lobby with a restaurant and bar. You walk past this to the elevators to get to the terrace.

On the top of the hotel is a great terrace where you can have cocktails and some light food, watch the sunset and enjoy the music as well as the view.

It has a nice energy and the staff were friendly (except for the door girl). Lately I find that door girls are a lot less friendlier than male ones, but then again, that is a very big generalization and only a recent observation.

I ordered a Basilic Rose cocktail with Grand Marnier, Basil, Bacardi, and cranberry juice. A very nice mix.

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