Parking Meters in Quebec

Every city has different parking meters so I thought I would dedicate a post to the meters in Quebec. I still laugh at the name of the New York Parking Meters “Muni Meters” and every Greek would laugh with me here.

Anyway, back to Quebec, Canada. At first, it always takes me a while to work out the parking. I kept seeing these little black posts cemented in the ground with a letter and number either side of the post. I was a little confused initially because I couldn’t help but think how much the cost of placing these posts everywhere would be for the government.

It turns out that they are for the parking and you have to take note of the letter and number facing your car as that is your parking Identification. You then have to remember that letter and number, walk to the meter and select the letter and number to pay. It spits out a ticket. If you are in the city of Montreal, you do not need to display the ticket but if you are in the suburbs, I believe it is better to display it.

The parking officers can find out digitally if you’ve paid or not, by driving around and checking to see if your letter and number are paid. If you do not pay, expect to see a fine on your front window. That is the same in every city I have seen. The dreaded parking fine on the window.

One day, I noticed that some enthusiastic parking activists had gone around overnight and blacked out every number on every pole so that you couldn’t pay for parking. I thought it was very funny at the time, but it clearly showed how expensive the system is to maintain. Not only would they have to replace the meters if they are damaged, but each pole. The cost must have been enormous to the government to set that up.

I took two shots showing the poles and the meter so you know what I am talking about.


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