Marabou Restaurant St Sauveur

I loved the food at Marabou. It was really good. The restaurant is in my favourite little town in Quebec, St Sauveur. The inside decor is contemporary, with some moose heads on the wall that lit up (Very unique) and an open plan set out. The bar is a great size and you can sit, drink and even eat from the bar stools. In the warmer months, the outside area is large and wraps around the whole front of the restaurant. My friend knew the owner of the restaurant so we had a nice time. I had the scallops as a main because it was a big serving and they melted in my mouth. They were served on a bed of mash, with eggplant and broccolini. The photos are below and it was very very delicious. So, if anyone out there comes this way for a visit, I suggest you head down and order that dish, or call me and I’ll come with you. 5 Stars for that dish. The cocktails were also good. I had my usual Cosmo and you can’t go too wrong with them if you make sure they serve it with good vodka and Grand Manier, as opposed to cointreau.

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