La Ferme Guyon Markets Canada

La Ferme Guyon is a Farmers Market that has been opened since June 2010. It is located at the junction of highway 10 and 35. It comprises a nursery, many greenhouse productions, a flower shop, an herbalists shop, an educational farm and a butterfly house, home to over 400 butterflies. They basically stock Quebec’s local producers.

I loved walking into this place. The look of it with the high wooden beams and it was really cool and ultra clean inside. They have good sized trolleys to use and you are not overwhelmed by too much of anything. It had a little bit of everything and they keep everything stocked up. I bought some great fresh organic meat and great produce. It is corn season at the moment, so we bought some corn and enjoyed eating it. They have white and yellow corn here so it’s different to what I’m used too. It’s nice though.  I loved seeing the different statues for the garden. Some were a little creepy but okay. It is better to go prepared with a cooler / esky to be able to keep the meat and produce cool, as it may be a bit of a drive heading home. It really depends how far away you live. It would be great to see some more places like this back in Oz because I am sure they would go well. Lucikly for the Australians, They have access to really fresh produce everywhere all year round so pretty lucky. Not always the case here, outside of summer due to the cold climate hitting hard. At least in Canada they have land for crops. In the USA, they have hardly anything and they import most of their produce. I know in Manhattan, some of the produce comes from Ecuador or Mexico.

I remember talking to the guy in the meat section of this market to see if he had any scotch fillet. They just don’t have it here which sucks and the lamb they get imported from New Zealand is much cheaper to buy than the lamb from actual Quebec. The word on the street is that the New Zealand lamb has too much a strong smell and taste for them here so it’s cheaper. I bet if they came to my relatives house at the next function back in Australia, and they got to try the Lamb on the spit, their opinions would definitely change. Lamb is really dependant on how you cook it also. The longer you cook it, the better it is.


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