Hot Air Balloon Festival Quebec

I have never experienced Hot Air Ballooning and before now, I never knew what the fuss was about. My friend Dimi was always talking about how good it was to experience but I haven’t done it.

In Quebec, near Montreal, there is this huge area that they hold this hot air ballon festival at each year. It is usually in Autumn. Companies sponsor the balloons and others have big characters on them to entertain the kids. There is commentary on each balloon as it rises and it is televised when they launch. The whole place is set up with big tents for eateries, gaming spots and live entertainment during the day and night.

We headed along to the festival and I remember being so excited about seeing all the balloons get ready to go up. It’s crazy looking up into the sky and seeing these huge balloons one after the other launch away with their gas fire igniting it.

I captured heaps of photos as usual to give you an idea of what i saw.

The live concert
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We saw all these bikes as we were leaving.