Wall St and Downtown NYC

If you head downtown to the financial district in New York, you will get to see some things that you have probably heard people mention throughout your life. One is Wall Street, being the stock exchange hub of the world, and the other being shopping.  When you head down there, you can go and see the grand building of Wall St Stock Exchange and the big statue of George Washington standing proudly facing the Stock Exchange. If you can get around the tourists down there, all wanting to take photos standing next to George Washington, than you can breathe.

When you have taken enough photos, you can go to the 911 Memorial at the World Trade Centre and take a look. There are always a lot of people in this area so be warned not to be in a rush. If it gets too crazy, I suggest you walk a few blocks over and head to Century 21. This is a department store that has five levels of shopping. It stocks all the designer brands like Bonds, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Guess, Armani and everything else and you get to go through the different sections and purchase what you need. They have clothing, accessories, handbags, sunglasses etc. Don’t forget, the shoe department is in the building next door and you need a few hours just to get through that.

On the bottom floor. The basement floor is homeware products, towels etc.

I noticed that when I went a few weeks ago, the whole store had changed and the renovations had been complete. They now have all the clothing a lot more spread out and more presentable. There are registers on each floor and plenty of cashiers to buy your purchases. The experience has certainly been a lot better compared to how it used to be years ago. You will no doubt walk out with heaps of bags in hand so be prepared for a wait to get a taxi. If you catch the subway, the Cortland St subway is right there at the bottom corner of the street outside the store.

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Fashion Night Out 2012 NYC

Fashion Night Out is Thursday 6th September, 2012. It is the one night a year in certain states in the US and some international places that most of the shops in New York City participate in late night opening, organising drinks for customers, free makeovers, red carpet for famous guests, photo shoots with celebrities, chocolate coated strawberries and some even offer free fish and chips. It is a night that attracts every fun filled and fashion orientated male and female to hit the shops and mingle and network with everybody that’s out. It is a great vibe and an awesome night to spend in New York City. You really need to do your research before hand and find out what your favourite stores are offering before you head out so you really target the shops you want. The whole city gets behind it and it’s great. Many shops have DJs playing so you are basically walking around as if you are in a shop dance party with different themed rooms. It’s nuts but it’s great. Julian and I headed out to 5th Avenue to join the masses walking from shop to shop.

The New York Times on the way to FNO

Guess was so busy. I must say, i don’t rate Guess back home but in the US they have really great clothing and their stores are really busy. I can see why their brand is still around. It is definately one of the stores that I walk into and find myself wanting to try on their clothes. Tonight, they were serving blueberry vodka and vodka and pink lemonade. Julian polished off about four of them waiting for me to try on some clothes. They were offering girls free makeovers, and free nail manicures. It was really a big deal in store and people everywhere. It was a great vibe in store.

Guess Store inside

The Guess catalogues

The free vodka and pink lemonade on offer

The big Guess sing on the wall

Inside guess

Downstairs in the store

The Bottom Floor

Ted Baker were giving away white chocolate in store and if you grabbed one of their catalogues, you could walk outside to their pop up van and get free Ted Baker wrapped Fish and Chips. Talk about a point of difference to the other stores. They also had a maid and waiter out the front greeting everyone. It was a really nice vibe in the store. I wasn’t that impressed with their current collection in store though. 

Inside Ted Baker

The steps in Ted Baker

Ted Baker Passports

The chocolates they were giving away inside Ted Baker

The stairwell display going down to menswear

The Maid out the front luring people in

Outside Sephora

Sephora Sign on window

The crowds on 5th Avenue

The female DJ at United Colours of Benneton

Sunglass hut

Sunglass hut was one of the most happening shops. They had an awesome DJ that happened to be playing one of my favourite tracks Titanium. They were giving away Chocolate coated round ball cakes on a stick with glitter and Champagne. The place was packed.

Model One outside Sunglass Hut

Model Two out the front

Julian trying on some of the glasses

The disco balls above

The DJ and champagne being served

The crowd

The glasses selection inside

The Local Street Church and Shops on the strip

A beautiful church on 5th Avenue

The front door handles at Fendi

Outside Juicy Couture

The corner of Juicy Couture

Diesel was pumping as they also had a DJ and a singer called Elly Varner and her album Perfectly Imperfect. She was doing a guest appearance on a DJ set. She was hot and had the hottest hair but she new it. I noticed many girl DJs along 5th Avenue. It was good to see them being recognised in the stores.

The Diesel Store Outside

Diesel window display

The cart display inside

Sign inside

The DJ Inside

Elly getting prepared

Celebrity Guest

Bodego Veneta

This store was also pumping with their two floors, female djing and champagne all round. This place must have had the hottest models paid to stand inside coz they were hot, especially the guy at the stairwell. Seriously, perfection and the clothing was soooo cool.

The displays on level Two

Looking Down

The wall displays

The stand out of Hollister was the front of the store. It has these projected images on their front glass of the sea and waves crashing. They also had their own water below it so together, it was such a beautiful effect to just watch.

Outside Hollister

The glass and bottom water display

Zara Shop Outside

Godiva Chocolate Store
This store was giving away chocolate coated strawberries and the line was out the door. The chocolate displays inside the store were so good and made the chocolate look so delicious it looked like a fashion store.

Outside Godiva Chocolates

The line for strawberries

The Godiva Sales Counter

The Selection

The Rockefeller Centre Concert and Red Carpet
There were models placed along a whole strip of red carpet so that people could come along and take photos with them. The following photos are of the concert crowds and the strip with the models etc.

The crowd at the Rockefeller Centre

Thats me. Peace

The Band

One of the male models

Me on the red carpet

Another female model

The cutest little girl with other model

Overall, it was a great night. Totally recommend you be in New York during Fashion Week next year and make sure that go to the Fashion Night Out.