Beauty’s Cafe Montreal Canada

Beauty’s Cafe is a popular breakfast place in Montreal. It is located at 93 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Ouest in Montreal. It’s on the corner of Saint Urbain. When you first see it, it looks like an old laundromat. The official title of the cafe is Beauty’s Luncheonette. The phone number for enquiries is +1 514 849 8883.

The place reminds me of the old New York diners I grew to know so well whilst living in New York. It’s nice enough. I met a friend there for brunch and we both had the Beauty’s special for breakfast which is eggs, a choice of meat, and toast. I ordered the sausages and they were great. My last experience with sausages at a diner was terrible so thankyou Beauty’s for turning that around. There are typical breakfast choices however like everything in a diner, it comes with diced potatoes taking up the majority of the plate. I liked it. The orange juice was fresh and it was a nice environment to talk in, with enough space between you and the next booth to talk.

I recommend going there as it’s a cool spot, hip and they don’t take bookings so if you are there on a weekend, expect to wait in line for a table. The waitress was great, smiling and probably too much service which can interrupt conversations but it wasn’t too over the top.

That’s it. Lot’s of parking on the street opposite from 9am when the restrictions stop. Go there, try it and enjoy.

Oh, before I forget, they had these cool paper place mats with pictures of smoothies on them so if you wanted to colour them in, you could. I liked that idea. Shame I didn’t look like a kid to get some pencils. Don’t they know that sometimes adults like to colour in too???

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