Flower Time in Quebec, CANADA

Canada does not have a huge summer period. In fact, when people think of Canada, they automatically think about how cold it is. Quebec is certainly a part of Canada that this whole theory applies too. Saying that though, with the strong French influence in the provence, they are huge on Flowers in this town. Every you drive, people have little pots with flowers on their window sills, balconies, patios, shop fronts, everywhere really.

Most people plan exactly when they buy the flowers and plant them so that the entire summer period is blooming with flowers. It is very beautiful. My biggest concern is making sure I have my anti histamines close by. I’m not sure what is in the air lately but all through Montreal and now they have hit Mascouche are these little white balls of fluff that are airborne and at times when I am driving, it feels like a summer snow storm. Maybe someone who is reading this can tell me what these white things are?? Someone said to me that they think they come from these tall trees and then get shaken off with the wind and fly about.

Recently, we went and visited a friend in Terrebonne and upon arrival, in true romantic Italian style, he had covered the driveway with flowers for us because we were visiting for dinner. How great is that?? I was very impressed and wouldn’t it be great if more people were that way inclined. In true Quebec style, his back yard had started to blossom with flowers too. I snapped a few shots to show you what I saw.

IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1162