Re-united with Charlie

Charlie, my four legged princess has finally come to Canada after being looked after by my dear friend Stephanie.

She arrived arrived three months ago in July and she has adapted really well. A few things people should know when importing a dog from another country. Shop around to get the best price as it isn’t cheap and each service, although similar, is still different with their processing.

A friend I know explained to me that they used to inject dogs before the flight with a sleeping drug to knock them out so they are not stressed at the beginning of the process however this practice has ceased. The animals would wake up mid flight and be totally disoriented and highly stressed due to the fact they had not been awake during the initial boarding process. This was particularly the case with long flights such as the flight from Sydney to Vancouver taking approx. 14 hours.

To transport your best-friend, you will need a dog cage that is authorized to be on Cargo flights so the dog has sufficient space, a compartment for food and water and also a cage that secures onto the cargo deck so it doesn’t move.

I chose Jet pets for her travelling needs and it was a distressing time for Charlie, as well as her godmother “Steph” and friend Ruby. The neighbours in Woollahra, Sydney all loved Charlie so after many tears shed, she made her way to Vancouver where she had a stop-over before getting on the next plane to Montreal. What a trip for her.

We were eager to welcome her and as soon as she saw us, her tail was wagging and she was jumping and running with joy. It was a beautiful moment to have my little girl back in my arms.

Driving her home was wonderful. She loved her new backyard with plenty of grass for her to run on and her new sister Ananda (Yorkshire) were playing the territorial game for a little while until they all adapted. It has been great and I even shed a tear when I see them playing together outside. What joy they bring to our lives. They really are precious souls.

photo 5

This was the pick up guy in Sydney for Charlie to take her to the doggy waiting rooms at Jetpets.

Below is charlie at the Vancouver pit-stop terminal. I can she she is in a little shock looking around in this unfamiliar environment but still looking as cute as ever.



I am glad we made the decision to bring her to Canada in the summer so she gets used to the environment before the snow begins to fall. I am unsure how she will adapt to the snow as she has never seen it before but that will be the next update.