Carlos and Pepe’s – Montreal

I recently went to have a birthday dinner at Carlo and Pepe’s. It is located at 1420 Peel St, Montreal. It is a Tex Mex Restaurant in Golden Square Mile. If you want to head there to eat, I suggest making a booking on +1 514 288 3090.

If you like spice and cheese, this is the place for you. It’s tasty food but you may end up with a little indigestion as it’s heavy. The guacamole we had to start was my favourite. Great consistency and tasty. I love avocado so it’s one of my favourite appetizers.

The great thing about this place is it has the bottom level inside and outside at the front terrace in summer. If you walk up the 30 stairs, you can stop half way at level two and you will find a cute narrow bar plus eating section where you can order the same as the menu downstairs. I find this spot a lot more intimate. The bar tender was full of smiles and he made us these huge margarita cocktails. I had the mango, and tried the strawberry. They tasted like they used real fruit which is great and they were good. I would have preferred them to have some more frozen ice but you can’t have everything. Maybe some of us are a little spoilt from New York City cocktails. I enjoyed it overall.

I don’t remember any loud music playing or no live entertainment so we could talk and it was a good night. There is plenty of parking around but you’ll need to drive around a while to find a good spot. After all, it is the city. We were lucky and found something close by. Montreal is a friendly city to walk around at night.

I ate these lamp fajitas but being Greek, I really should know better than to order lamb at a non greek restaurant. I should have eaten chicken. It was nice but nothing compares to lamb roast and lamb on the spit which is the way lamb should be eaten. I can’t wait to be in Australia at Christmas time to try some lamb on the spit, made by my uncle. Yummo. I highly recommend it.

Back to Carlos and Pepe. I got a little distracted, oops. Tends to happen when I’m talking about food. Well that’s it. A good night, a good experience. 



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