Woodbury Common Shopping Outlets NY

Over the last few years people have been raving on about the Woodbury Common Shopping Outlets in New York. They are about two hours North of Manhattan so you really need a car to get there or you can catch the bus from Times Square for around $30.

I have had mixed reviews from people so I was always undecided whether to go. Some people say that the clothes weren’t from that season or that they make specific lines for the factory outlets only. Others said it was fantastic and they couldn’t wait to go again. I wanted to see for myself, so one day on our way back to Canada, we decided to stop in.

The first thing I noticed was how big the entire complex was which of course was accompanied by a massive carpark to cater for all the shoppers. There are maps to find your way around and it is like an outdoor plaza with different shops everywhere. There are a few basic food courts and toilets but the highlight is certainly the shops. I think the key to the place is making a list of the stores or labels you are interested in and go to those stores first. If you have time and haven’t spent all your money by then, you can go and see the rest.

We got there late so we had limited time before it closed but it was fantastic. I love G-Star, and Diesel so when I found those stores I loved it. The prices were affordable and I saved a lot on products that would usually cost a lot more.

G-star in Australia is so ridiculously expensive and I found that the same jeans they had inside the store were the same jeans they were selling in the city so it certainly wasn’t the season before. I think it is worth the trip with a big suitcase and money to spend.

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Wall St and Downtown NYC

If you head downtown to the financial district in New York, you will get to see some things that you have probably heard people mention throughout your life. One is Wall Street, being the stock exchange hub of the world, and the other being shopping.  When you head down there, you can go and see the grand building of Wall St Stock Exchange and the big statue of George Washington standing proudly facing the Stock Exchange. If you can get around the tourists down there, all wanting to take photos standing next to George Washington, than you can breathe.

When you have taken enough photos, you can go to the 911 Memorial at the World Trade Centre and take a look. There are always a lot of people in this area so be warned not to be in a rush. If it gets too crazy, I suggest you walk a few blocks over and head to Century 21. This is a department store that has five levels of shopping. It stocks all the designer brands like Bonds, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Guess, Armani and everything else and you get to go through the different sections and purchase what you need. They have clothing, accessories, handbags, sunglasses etc. Don’t forget, the shoe department is in the building next door and you need a few hours just to get through that.

On the bottom floor. The basement floor is homeware products, towels etc.

I noticed that when I went a few weeks ago, the whole store had changed and the renovations had been complete. They now have all the clothing a lot more spread out and more presentable. There are registers on each floor and plenty of cashiers to buy your purchases. The experience has certainly been a lot better compared to how it used to be years ago. You will no doubt walk out with heaps of bags in hand so be prepared for a wait to get a taxi. If you catch the subway, the Cortland St subway is right there at the bottom corner of the street outside the store.

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