Cremerie et Cafe Mascouche Canada

Most that know me, know I love ice-cream. I am lactose intolerant so I had a few withdrawal periods when I first found out about how I was going to live life without ice-cream and more so without dairy (I used to love cheese). For years, I did without and then discovered dark chocolate sorbet which I love. I am yet to find a really great dark chocolate Sorbet here in Canada that is fresh.

However, the other day, I decided to challenge my stomach a little and try a full normal icecream twirl cone dipped in dark chocolate, like I used to have growing up from the “Mr Whippy’s” truck but without the bacteria. The shop is called ‘Cremerie et Cafe – Sainte Marie’. It’s at 2685 K Chemin de Sainte Marie in Mascouche. Number +1 450 474 7583. There is an ice-cream poster on the street front which is how I found the place to begin with.

Oh boy, I was in heaven for a moment and I think in the short time I have discovered this ice-cream shop, I have put on some excess sugar rolls. Yum, the dark chocolate topping is the perfect consistency and tastes great. The actual ice-cream itself is perfect. I have on occasion tried other ones, but they just don’t compare. I found them bland. This was delicious.

The lady that runs this little Cremerie (Ice creamery in english) is lovely but only speaks French so when I first got there, I had to go around behind the counter to show her what I wanted. I just love this type of interaction. Reminds me of the lady at the Sushi shop down the road. I find this part of Canada very intimate like that with the small town feel and you feel like you are part owner of the shop when you are in there. It’s nice.

To my surprise, the ice-cream didn’t affect my tummy as much as other dairy products have so it was bare able and to be honest, worth the cramps you can get afterwards because it tastes so bloody great.

I took some photos of the shop for you and the ice-cream itself and what I love the most, when I walk into the shop, I nod to the lady and she just knows instantly what I want. I put my hand out with French coins and she takes out what I owe and presto. Everyone is happy.

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