Chinatown in Montreal

People would think after living in Downtown Chinatown in New York for so long, I would have tried to avoid coming into Chinatown in Montreal. The truth is, I love China town. No matter whether it’s Sydney, New York, or Montreal, Same same, different country.

It’s a busy area, there are heaps of asian food stores to choose from, plenty of dumplings, asian sweets, funky items on sale and plenty of supermarkets to pop into. In China town in New York, I couldn’t get over the amount of spitting they did, however I haven’t experienced it to that degree here in Montreal, thank goodness. It seems a lot cleaner here in general and that’s a good thing.

My favourite food shop here is Pho X.O Vietnamese Cuisine. It opened it’s doors in 2013 and it’s right near the China Town entrance. They make great food. I order number 10 off the menu every time. Creature of habit.

There is this shop called Miss Kiko which has all these glittery hats and caps. An interesting shop to take a look in. We buy all our dumplings from the supermarket next door to Pho X.O which is underground down the escalators.  I still cannot find my favourite dumpling sauce here that I get in Sydney and New York but they have similar options. I took some snap shots of the area in general so you get the picture. You will notice it has a similar feel to hay market but it doesn’t have the big marketplace we do which is a shame. I miss all the bargains you get from there.

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Falun Dafa Montreal

The last time I walked through Chinatown in Montreal, I couldn’t help myself but to stop and see these elderly people in a deep meditation right in the middle of all the chaos.

It was so nice to see. Like the calm within the storm. I had no idea what they were doing apart from what the signs said, calling this form of meditation ‘Falun Dafa’ which focuses on Truthfulness, compassion and Forbearance. I am sure someone reading this may know everything about it and can share some of their knowledge with me. I loved to see the focus within each of them as they held each pose and gracefully moved to the next one, staying in control each moment. I would be a lucky  woman if I have that much focus and control, and more importantly, the calmness within when I get to that age.

I took some shots of them doing their poses.

IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2299 IMG_2300