The Ferry Crossing, Ile Bizard Montreal CANADA

There are several ways to get to West Island In Montreal, Canada. One way I discovered recently was driving across the river and taking the ferry across. We wanted to get to Ile Bizard in West Island, which is a cute part of the island and very quiet, with big land size homes and a national park in the area to walk through.

Anyway, back to the ferry. It was cool to watch. As I was waiting, I was snapping some shots as I do to share with you all.

I am glad I did it, however, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are in a rush. On this particular day, they were taking four cars at a time back and forth, so do the math, if there are a dozen cars in front of you, you need to wait for three ferry trips before you get on. Apparently though, I’ve heard that on some days, they can get 6-8 cars on the boat and ship them across but I cannot confirm this. I do know, that it saves you a lot in petrol to drive there because for those that aren’t from Canada, Montreal is a big island and has other smaller islands like West Island and Nun’s Island that still form part of Montreal but are surrounded by water. The water is from a damn reservoir so there are a lot of waterfront homes along the river. The chance of flooding is minimal as there are reservoir tanks as backups available if overflow happens.

From Memory, as you drive onto the boat, you must turn your car off and the lady comes around to your window to collect the money from you. It’s approx. $3.50 – $4.50.

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