Bota Spa Montreal Canada

I wasn’t into Spa’s back in Australia much. I think that is because I had access to the salt water pools off the beaches and the warm climate sun. Since travelling, I certainly have had more of a chance to enjoy some relaxing moments to just have some space and peace.

I recently came across a spa that is located on the water in Montreal. They have converted a boat into a day Spa called Bota Spa. The boat is black and off the boat there is a section with some running water, hammocks and grass to relax. It is located in the old port of Montreal. Number for bookings are: +1 514 284 0333.

In order to access the boat all day and enjoy the sauna, steam room, hot tubs and cold baths, as well as outdoor terraces and restaurant, you need to pay around $65 on weekends and around $55 during the week. It is cheaper for under three hours and they have promotions for couples. To get a 90 minute relaxation massage, you are looking at a price of $130. I found there were alot more guys at this particular spa, and mostly well groomed gay guys too. It seemed relaxing but if you want absolute privacy, you may be better off choosing a different spa because when you relax on the outdoor decks, the tourists on the boardwalks can definitely check you out. I think it’s a great idea and something that could be tried in the Sydney Harbour.


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