Buying my Jeep in CANADA

Jeeps are so cool. I’ve always thought of having one but I was married to my two door Rav 4 Cruiser. When I had to leave that car behind and sail to NYC and Canada, it was a sad goodbye, however, I have embraced the Jeep Sahara Wrangler and I am now a huge fan of this car. There is apparently a Jeep Club here in Quebec too which you can join and they come and take off your hard top and put the soft top on for you. Pretty Cool hey.

It is like a car that just pulls apart. Like a big lego toy. The roof comes off, the doors, and back boot area. It is pretty amazing and a very solid, beasty car. I feel tough in it, ‘Tonka Tough’, hahaha.

It is a very practical car. It is not the type of car you should get if you have a bad leg or can’t get in and out of cars easily because each time you get in, you need to climb or assist yourself in. Once you are in, you are sitting pretty high and I’ve never felt safer in a car than what I have in the Jeep.

I bought a white four door hard top. Canadian cars only have registration plates on the rear of the vehicle and the steering wheel is on the left hand side like the USA. It takes a little getting used too, but when you get the hang of it, it’s good.

One thing about driving in Quebec is the amount of stop signs in Quebec. Instead of roundabouts and traffic lights (even though they still have them, most intersections, on all the local roads have stop signs at every t – intersection. It is such a time wasting experience. It does work because there are never big lines for the person at one end, however, every 50 meters, you have to come to a complete stop, even when there is no one around. It is crazy. I think it’s the way for the mayor to make money off people. It is rare for every person to come to a complete stop every time they drive. I can compare it to the streets in Australia that have huge speed humps along the whole street.

If you are from another country and you wish to get a license in Quebec, you have six months to get it. You need to be a permanent resident to get a license and when you apply, regardless of how many years you have been driving, you still have to study for the written test and then do the driving test. I can’t believe it. I find that ridiculous. I can understand if they gave you a manual on road rules and made you read it and give you a quiz to check you’ve read it however to put you through all that is ludicrous.

Anyway, here are the photos of my new baby below.

IMG_0669 IMG_0670
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