Marabou Restaurant St Sauveur

I loved the food at Marabou. It was really good. The restaurant is in my favourite little town in Quebec, St Sauveur. The inside decor is contemporary, with some moose heads on the wall that lit up (Very unique) and an open plan set out. The bar is a great size and you can sit, drink and even eat from the bar stools. In the warmer months, the outside area is large and wraps around the whole front of the restaurant. My friend knew the owner of the restaurant so we had a nice time. I had the scallops as a main because it was a big serving and they melted in my mouth. They were served on a bed of mash, with eggplant and broccolini. The photos are below and it was very very delicious. So, if anyone out there comes this way for a visit, I suggest you head down and order that dish, or call me and I’ll come with you. 5 Stars for that dish. The cocktails were also good. I had my usual Cosmo and you can’t go too wrong with them if you make sure they serve it with good vodka and Grand Manier, as opposed to cointreau.

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Cactus Club Cafe Vancouver

Cactus Club is the ‘latest trend’ in Vancouver. This particular cafe only opened in the past 12 months and it is a huge venue that gets ridiculously packed out at lunchtime. I went there at 1130am and was seated. By 1230pm, the cafe was full with a line up of people waiting to be seated. There are a few Cactus Club Cafes that are now opened but this one in the heart of the city, and in walking distance from the Four Seasons Hotel was a great choice.

The waitresses are really quirky and they remind me of the waitresses in the 70s in the old fonz days. Their hairstyles were lifted and curved like beehives and in skirts and heels flirting with the male customers. This is what this cafe is like so when I look around at the mostly male filled room, I completely understand the market they are targeting. High ceilings, trendy furniture, opened windows all around with views of the high rise buildings.

The lady recommended I try the rocket and goats cheese salad and it was delicious. Wasn’t totally keen on the coffee they served but the rest was great. I took a few photos of the atmosphere and some snaps of the waitresses inside. The chef is the first iron chef in Canada, Rob Feenie and they rave about his food. I enjoyed what I ate but I’d need to try a lot more dishes to rate the overall quality.

I loved the lights as they looked like pumpkins hanging from the ceiling. 7R1A1777 7R1A1780 7R1A1781 7R1A1788 7R1A1793 IMG_0320 Directions to walk from the Four Seasons HotelIMG_0321 The rocket and goats cheese salad with chicken. IMG_0325 IMG_0326 IMG_0327


Provence Cafe Vancouver

I love this place. I have only been once because I was recommended to go and I had the best breakfast there. I totally recommend it. It’s called Provence. It is located on the waterfront at 1177 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver. Phone number 604 681 4144.

I basically ordered two dishes for brunch as i wanted to try both. I had a warm goat cheese salad which was fabulous but my favorite winner was the Wild Mushroom Ravioli. It was sensational and I highly recommend it. I ordered an appetizer size but if I was to go back, i would order just that and a main version of it. Yummmm.

I totally recommend booking. I was only one person and I had no choice but to sit at the bar. I would prefer to sit at a table normally, however, I met two lovely people whilst sitting at the bar so it is more of a social option if dining alone.

The waterside is beautiful. In summer, you have the option to sit outside and enjoy the location. Inside, there is quote alot of seating but seeing it is quite a popular place, it gets full fairly quickly. After eating at Provence, I met up with a friend and we then caught the aqua bus boat from across the road to Granville Island, however that is another blog in itself.

Here are some photos below of the place and the two dishes I tried.

IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0519 IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0559 IMG_0560