Sushi Machi Mascouche QC Canada

Since being introduced to Sushi a long time ago, I think I developed a major obsession with it. My favourite sushi combination (when I’m not at the Coogee, NSW Sushi Shop that is) is the salmon and avocado roll with the rice and even tempura on the outside, and extra ginger. That’s it. I prefer to have some miso soup for appetizer and apart from that, I order that religiously and rarely budge off that selection. Whenever I eat sushi, I feel like my stomach has been blessed with great food.

I thought I was doomed when I came to New York and then to Canada, developing separation anxiety from my favourite Sushi shop in Sydney, but I have been reassured recently with two great sushi shops. One is a Sushi shop in Laval Carrefour, Laval, Quebec (right in the food court) and the other is Sushi Machi which is a tiny little shop in Mascouche, Quebec on Saint Marie ave. One lady runs it. She is hilarious. I met her once and when she saw me again, she made it out as if she new me for ten years. Way too funny. The great thing is, english is not her first language, and Chinese or French is not my first language. Communicating is fabulous. I love going there just to talk with her and leave with a smile on my face. When she makes you sushi, she cares about what she is making you and aims to make it exactly how you want. You can’t ask for more than that.

The shop itself is like a cheap, empty shop with no specific major design. A fridge on the side and the back has enough necessary to make what she needs. A very simple set up. She runs it herself and if there is more than one person ordering, best to take a seat and wait. She is on her own and cooks to direct orders only. I always wander how places like that survive and if there isn’t something more going on in the background like another business where they make money and keep the shopfront as an image to hide other things happening. Who knows but all I know is when my stomach is satisfied, I am happy.

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