Old Montreal

I love Old Montreal. I wrote a blog recently about the Horse and Cart rides around Old Montreal and they show you a different angle of things. Walking around on foot allows you to capture everything, including down near the port. It’s a cute town with a lot of character.

Pictured above is this big plaza in the centre and cars are not allowed to drive through it. In summer, it is filled with stalls and artist works. Below is this old abandoned factory and it has a great look and texture.

This is the Lachine Canal which runs along the old port. A great spot to visit.
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The old coloured fire hydrants. Love them. They are yellow in Montreal and red in New York.



Everywhere on big buildings are these fantastic paintings. I loved this one with the train on the wall. Such an awesome way to integrate art into a city.


The brick and sandstone shopfronts give it that european feel. 


The actual port area is always nice to view.


I love walking down to this old heritage listed manufacturing plant. Parts of it are falling off and vandalized. It is cool to see and has a lot of historical character. 

This is a famous lobster roll bar where they make ‘lobster rolls’. I have never tried one but they say they are good.

How cool is this piano. It is outside one of the exhibition centres and this girl sat down and started playing. It was fantastic.

IMG_2384 IMG_2385

We started having fun with this crossing after watching the man above walking across it. 

IMG_2387 IMG_2396 IMG_2393

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