Coco et Fruits Quebec

Since moving to the Laurentides and getting used to the area, it took quite a while to find a place to enjoy breakfast. We finally found a place in St Jerome, Quebec. It is called Coco et Fruits. From the outside, it seems like an office building with glass windows, fairly plain looking however it is deceiving as a little gem of a place. As you enter, you realized how large it is inside and how far back it extends. It has seating areas all around utilizing the front window areas overlooking the street, and the back terrace section which seats people indoors and outdoors.

Coffee is served freshly brewed from the pot and service is quick and affordable. I tend to order the benedictine florentine. I love the fact they pile the fruit onto the plate and the serving reminds me of the typical American large servings at their diners.

I recommend it in this area as there aren’t a great deal of shops that can cater for the locals at this price and quality. They also make great smoothies and the coco mango is my favourite mix.

I took some photos when I was there recently showing the menus, the inside eatery and a plate of the food.

IMG_3334 IMG_3333 IMG_3332 IMG_3331 IMG_3330 IMG_3329 IMG_3328 IMG_3327 IMG_3326 IMG_3325 IMG_3323

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