This is my personal blog that I decided to start the day I decided to pack up and leave my nice apartment, my adorable loving dog, and all my family and friends back home in Australia to go and follow my dream of becoming a respected Film Maker, Writer, Producer, Director and Photographer for my company Little Screen Big Screen. Some may call it a mid life crisis even though I’m still in my 30s, but I think it’s best I refer to it as following my dream to get where I need to be going.

The beauty about travelling is it allows me to follow my photographic passions and share my vision with the world. The angle to which I view it and capture the moments creatively. I love exploring new places and seeing if I have a connection to that place and how I can connect that place to a film I may write about based on that place or the space, object or person I may find. Exploring other countries has been perfect for this.

When I write, I feel it’s important to write about the places I find, the things I like and share those experiences and even the detail on how to get to those places etc for the benefit of others. Exploring makes life interesting. Sharing it with others makes it even more enjoyable and a great dinner table conversation.

When it comes to Film. I love writing comedies, whether it’s shorts, features, or TV series and mostly, I like making people laugh, even through photos and capturing those odd moments that words sometimes just cannot describe. What better therapy is there in the world than laughter. It brightens up the soul and I would rather see more brighter souls out there than depressed and cynical ones.

I also love writing Dramas and Suspense type films because I like to touch on those emotions within people from a point of my own life’s reflection and create the scene/s from personal experience. I find that when I write dramas I go into an internal depth so far within my own emotional core that I am consumed with that emotion until I get the screenplay finished. I guess for me, I do not like to stay in that headspace for too long so the quicker I write a drama, the better.

Now for a touch of business. If you would like to check out my production work, feel free to check out my website at www.littlescreenbigscreen.com.

Enjoy and I hope I can put a smile on your face or at least evoke an emotion in you that will want you to think about something from a different angle.

Sea Heart 7R1A0115 Angelique :)

You Tube: Personal Channel = angeliquepapadelias
You Tube: Business Channel = Little Screen Big Screen (LSBSproductions)
Website: www.littlescreenbigscreen.com


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